New Moon in Cancer 2018

This New Moon in Cancer is a great time to make amends with your family members.

Colin Bedell from Queercosmos (@queercosmos) gives us a powerful and inspiring New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse guided meditation.

The New Moon energy is the strongest on the night of July 12th but you can do this ritual up to 3 days after the New Moon Event.

There is also a one hour meditation version of the song in the ritual. The song is recorded on frequencies that resonate with the new moon energy. You can also use music in a similar way as a vision board. Listening to the same music as during your meditation can enhance the effect of the ritual. So you can play the audio while going to bed, doing the ritual bath or just as background music during this time.

The products in the ritual are found in the House of Intuition Moon Box subscription, but you can use any similar items to make the magic happen.