HOUSE OF INTUITION TV | Unique Full Moon meditation for Sept 2017

Full Moon in Pisces ritual Sept 6th 2017

This is a ritual to harness the power of the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces (September 6th 2017). Follow this unique Full Moon guided meditation ritual by Naha Armády.

The Full Moon in Pisces illuminates and purifies all that built up over the summer and helps prepare us for autumn.  Ready or not, our old guards must be shed so that we can move into who we are becoming. Honor your feelings and let the moon bathe you in full radiant light. Surrender your fear to the cosmic sea. 

There is also a one hour meditation version of the song in the ritual. The song is recorded on frequencies that resonate with the full moon energy. You can also use a music in a similar way as a vision board. Listening to the same music as during your meditation can enhance the effect of the ritual. So you can play the audio while going to bed or just as background music during this time.

The products in the ritual are found in the House of Intuition Moon Box subscription, but you can use any similar items to make the magic happen. 

Naha Armády

Naha Armády has been a student of Esoteric Sciences for over 20 years. Her interests include Tarot, Theurgy, Hermetic Qabalah, Practical Alchemy, Astrology, and Crystal Healing.

Born in Los Angeles but raised in Seattle, Naha studied with two master teachers; William Kiesel, an occult publisher and magician, and Dan Garber, Alchemist and architect of Sacred Geometry.

As part of a practical magical working group she studied the Western Hermetic Tradition and worked with Thelemic and Qabalistic ritual and magic, learned hands-on alchemical operations studying under Robert Bartlett, partook in traditional Blackfoot Sweat Lodges, and began her yoga practice, attuning her mind and body to the vibrations of the elements and communing with the spirit realm.

Since moving to LA she has received Reiki Master certification, Shamanic and Crystal Healing Initiations and received certification as a Trans-Crystal Therapist from Rev. Patricia Bankins. 

She has combined her training and studies with her intuitive gifts to work with clients through tarot and clairvoyant readings and Middle Pillar Healings. Naha teaches the Tarot, Developing Intuition, Psychic Protection, Crystals Grid Ceremonies, monthly Middle Pillar Ritual, and more in the Western Hermetic Mystery Tradition.