HOUSE OF INTUITION TV | Full Moon Ritual March 2018

[NEW] Full Moon March 2018 Meditation

This meditation is intended to help you release unwanted negative vibrations and assist you in balancing your emotions.

The meditation is created by Afimaye Galarraga (@afimayegalarraga).

There is also a one hour meditation version of the song in the ritual. The song is recorded on frequencies that resonate with the full moon energy. You can also use a music in a similar way as a vision board. Listening to the same music as during your meditation can enhance the effect of the ritual. So you can play the audio while going to bed or just as background music during this time.

The products in the ritual are found in the House of Intuition Moon Box, but you can use any similar items to make the magic happen. 

Afimaye Galarraga

Afimaye is a well-respected spiritualist with over 25 years experience in mediumship and African Cuban folklore. His spiritual blessings and teachings are based upon his life’s experiences, influential spiritual upbringing along with the Allan Kardec beliefs. Some of those beliefs are:

God (eternal, immutable, immaterial, unique) created the universe, which comprehends all beings, animate and inanimate, material and immaterial Physical beings constitute the visible or incarnate world; non-physical beings constitute the invisible or spiritual world Spirits temporarily assume a perishable physical body, the death of which restores them to liberty The soul is an incarnate spirit, the body its material envelope

Galarraga has been trained by great masters in the Yoruba tradition of Lukúmi, Palo Mayombe and has worked with countless reputable mediums and spiritualists. His father Lazaro Galarraga, also a native of Havana Cuba is a world-wide Afro Cuban singer and percussionist that taught Afimaye how to play the drums and sing to the spirits. Afimaye has not only made a name for himself as a spiritualist, but also as a respected artist with a CD of his work released in 2015.

Afimaye’s most recent teachings throughout Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Panama and the U.S. include meditation, mediumship, creating altars, developing a connection with the ancestors and the teachings of prayer through song, drums and dance.