Full Worm Moon in Libra 2019 meditation ritual & music

This Libra full moon ushers in some harmony and balance to restore us. It’ll shine the light on things that are unjust, imbalanced and need to be remedied in order to restore peace. Reach out your hand to help and hold others, lift them up. Take a look at your relationships and see what feels off balance- where can you give more? How can you more clearly ask for what you need? Where can you open up more to receive? This moon will help you see wherever the scales in your life are tipped too far in one direction, so you can work to regain balance. Paired with the Spring solstice, you’ll feel the harmonizing, abundant energy coming. Time to celebrate nature and all the beauty in the world!

Our powerful New Moon in Pisces 2019 meditation by Jena Coray of Get Mojo (getmomojo.com)

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Watch the tutorial on how to do it here: