Luminous Stream

18-minute Crystal Sound Meditation
1h 45min Relaxing music playlist
1h Full Moon Ritual Music
30 Seconds to Fix Everything
60 minute meditation music for the Solar Eclipse
82 bath
Ace of Cups
Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Swords
Air Element Cleansing Ritual
Alternative Violet Flame invocation
Behind the Magic Interview With Shannon
Behind the Magic with Naha
Bonus Episode - Kristin's Own Experiences
Clearing and Charging Your Crystals
Crystal Sound Bath with Dom
Dragon Magic
Dream School
Earth Element Cleansing Ritual
Eight of Cups
Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Swords
Elemental Quartzes Introduction
Ep. 1 - A bridge between two worlds
Ep. 1 - Breath as a tool
Ep. 1 - Crystals and the Root Chakra Introduction
Ep. 1 - Elemental Magic
Ep. 1 - HAR - Prosperity Mantra
Ep. 1 - Healing Pets
Ep. 1 - Healing Your Heart
Ep. 1 - Introduction to Angels
Ep. 1 - Introduction to Armoring
Ep. 1 - Introduction to Elemental Anatomy
Ep. 1 - Introduction to Flower Magic
Ep. 1 - Introduction to Reiki
Ep. 1 - Introduction to the Faeries
Ep. 1 - Opening roads
Ep. 1 - Perspective and the Fifth Element
Ep. 1 - The Concept of Zero
Ep. 1 - The Elemental Quartzes
Ep. 1 - The Magician
Ep. 1 - The Schizoid Character Structure
Ep. 1 - What is a story?
Ep. 1 - What is ritual?
Ep. 1 - What's your sign?
Ep. 10 - Wheel of Fortune
Ep. 11 - Chakra Balancing meditation for letting go with Smoky Quartz
Ep. 11 - Fire Methods
Ep. 11 - The Justice
Ep. 12 - The Hanged Man
Ep. 12 - Water Methods
Ep. 13 - Air Methods
Ep. 13 - Death
Ep. 14 - Earth Methods
Ep. 14 - Temperance
Ep. 15 - The Devil
Ep. 16 - The Tower
Ep. 17 - The Star
Ep. 18 - The Moon
Ep. 19 - The Sun
Ep. 2 - Black Tourmaline
Ep. 2 - Clear Quartz
Ep. 2 - Connecting Mind And Spirit
Ep. 2 - Connecting with Your Guardian Angel
Ep. 2 - Different types of ritual elements
Ep. 2 - El Matador Beach, Malibu, CA
Ep. 2 - Get to Know the 12 Zodiac Signs
Ep. 2 - Healing Pets
Ep. 2 - Healing Your Heart
Ep. 2 - Introduction to the Faeries
Ep. 2 - Picking Flowers
Ep. 2 - Reiki Invocation
Ep. 2 - Reimagining Zero
Ep. 2 - Relaxation
Ep. 2 - SA TA NA MA - Release Negativities Mantra
Ep. 2 - Sovereignty
Ep. 2 - The Awareness Spotlight
Ep. 2 - The Element of Air
Ep. 2 - The Function of the Orgasm
Ep. 2 - The High Priestess
Ep. 2 - The Oral Character Structure
Ep. 2 - The Spiritual Body
Ep. 2 - Why Do We Tell Stories
Ep. 2 - Your natural inclination
Ep. 20 - Judgement
Ep. 21 - The World
Ep. 3 - Becoming a Master of Perspective (Exercises)
Ep. 3 - Connecting to the Four Spirits
Ep. 3 - Destiny Relationships
Ep. 3 - Discover your life purpose
Ep. 3 - Finding Zero Meditation
Ep. 3 - Healing Pets
Ep. 3 - Healing Your Heart
Ep. 3 - Intentional Journaling Exercise
Ep. 3 - KAR TAR - Heart Mantra
Ep. 3 - Manifesting with the Angels
Ep. 3 - Mindful Breathing Exercises
Ep. 3 - Reiki Self Healing
Ep. 3 - Smoky Quartz
Ep. 3 - The Element of Fire
Ep. 3 - The Empress
Ep. 3 - The Mental Body
Ep. 3 - The Psychopath Character Structure
Ep. 3 - The importance of routine
Ep. 4 - "I am over"
Ep. 4 - 15 minute guided meditation to tune in with the heart
Ep. 4 - Amethyst
Ep. 4 - Angel Card Reading
Ep. 4 - Armor Release Exercises
Ep. 4 - Discover your life purpose
Ep. 4 - Example ritual
Ep. 4 - Finding Clarity
Ep. 4 - Healing Your Heart
Ep. 4 - Obsidian
Ep. 4 - Reiki Psychic Wash
Ep. 4 - SAT NAM - Harmony Mantra
Ep. 4 - Sovereignty Meditation (9 minutes)
Ep. 4 - The Element of Water
Ep. 4 - The Emperor
Ep. 4 - The Etheric Body
Ep. 4 - The Masochist Character Structure
Ep. 4 - Using Mercury Retrograde
Ep. 5 - "I am ready for"
Ep. 5 - A Guided Meditation with Amethyst
Ep. 5 - Conveying Truth with Crystals
Ep. 5 - Creating a Magical Sigil
Ep. 5 - Discover your life purpose
Ep. 5 - Etheric Cords
Ep. 5 - Fire Agate
Ep. 5 - Healing Your Heart
Ep. 5 - ONG - Creative Energy
Ep. 5 - ONG - Creativity Mantra
Ep. 5 - Reiki Blessings and Gratitude
Ep. 5 - The Element of Earth
Ep. 5 - The Hierophant
Ep. 5 - The Rigid Character Structure
Ep. 6 - "If You Knew Me, You Would Know That"
Ep. 6 - A Simple Grounding exercise to dispel anxiety
Ep. 6 - Citrine
Ep. 6 - The Element of Spirit
Ep. 6 - The Emotional Body elemental anatomy series
Ep. 6 - The Final Steps
Ep. 6 - The Lovers
Ep. 7 - "This is how to love me"
Ep. 7 - A guided Meditation to Manifesting with Citrine
Ep. 7 - Calling on Guides
Ep. 7 - Elemental Cleansing Rituals
Ep. 7 - The Chariot
Ep. 8 - Harness you energy with stories
Ep. 8 - Healing with Elemental Anatomy
Ep. 8 - Rose Quartz
Ep. 8 - Strength
Ep. 9 - Clearing the Subtle Bodies
Ep. 9 - Healing meditation with Rose Quartz
Ep. 9 - The Hermit
Essential Oils Tutorial
Faerie Oracle Card Reading with Kristin
Fire Element Cleansing Ritual
Five of Cups
Five of Pentacles
Five of Swords
Four of Cups
Four of Pentacles
Four of Swords
Full Moon Ritual Jan 1st 2018
Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual
Full Moon in Aries
Full Moon in Cancer music
Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual
Full Moon in Gemini Dec 3rd 2017 ritual
Full Moon in Gemini Ritual Music
Full Moon in Leo Ritual Music
Full Moon ritual Jan 31st 2018
Full moon in Pisces music
Full moon in Pisces ritual by Naha Armády Sept 6th 2017
HOI Bath bags tutorial
Heart Chakra Meditation
Heart Chakra Yoga Positions
Honey Calcite
House of Intuition's Magic Candles
House of Intuition's Zodiac Candles
How to safely burn insence sticks
Information about House of Intuition's own Magic Waters
Information on HOI's Magnetic Sand
Interview with Joshua Stoddard
Introducing Andrew Martin
Introducing Christopher Rivas
Introducing Patti Negri
Introducing Shaman Durek
Introduction to Crystal Sound Baths
Introduction to Crystal Sound Meditation
Introduction to Crystals
Introduction to Healing Pets
Introduction to Tarot
Introduction to childhood traumas
Introduction to creating your tarot ritual
Introduction to learning the language of the heart
Introduction to spiritual storytelling (free clip)
Introduction to the Pentacles
Introduction to the Suit of Cups
Introduction to the Swords
Introduction to the four spirits (free clip)
Introduction to the power of breath
Invoking Archangel Michael
Invoking the Violet Flame of Saint Germain
Jaime Black - "Sands of Time" 60 minute playback
Jaime Black - "The Wishing Well" 60 minute playback
King of Cups
King of Pentacles
King of Swords
Knight of Cups
Knight of Pentacles
Knight of Swords
Lemon Uncrossing Spell
Manifestation and Personal Power
Manifesting with Crystals
Meet the Faeries guided meditation
Meet the creators of House of Intuition
Morning Soundbath
New Moon in Leo Music
New Moon in Leo Ritual
New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual
New Moon in Taurus November 3rd 2017
New Moon in Virgo Ritual
New Moon in Virgo ritual Music
New You ritual
Nine of Cups
Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Swords
One Dollar Money Spell
Page of Cups
Page of Pentacles
Page of Swords
Physical and Mental Qualities of the Heart Chakra
Preparing Your Space for Ritual
Queen of Cups
Queen of Pentacles
Queen of Swords
Ritual for Full Moon in Aries October 5th
Seven of Cups
Seven of Pentacles
Seven of Swords
Simple Tarot reading Techniques
Six of Cups
Six of Pentacles
Six of Swords
Solar Eclipse New Moon Ritual
Super Blue Moon Ritual in Leo
Ten of Cups
Ten of Pentacles
Ten of Swords
The concept of Spellwork
Three of Cups
Three of Pentacles
Three of Swords
Two of Cups
Two of Pentacles
Two of Swords
Using Resins and Burners
Using Smudge sticks
Water Element Cleansing Ritual
Witch's Ladder
Yellow Apatite
Yoga Moves for a Cancer
Yoga Moves for a Capricorn
Yoga Moves for a Gemini
Yoga Moves for a Leo
Yoga Moves for a Libra
Yoga Moves for a Sagittarius
Yoga Moves for a Scorpio
Yoga Moves for a Taurus
Yoga Moves for a Virgo
Yoga moves for a Pisces
Yoga moves for an Aquarius
Yoga moves for an Aries
Zero - The Fool