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Harriet Wien

Harriet Wien

Born and raised in New York City, Harriet comes from a long matrilineal line of artists and intuits. At four years old, she announced to her parents profound insights into the nature of consciousness. By the time she was nine, she began experiencing intense visions and contact with her guides. While most kids had lemonade stands, Harriet offered 25-cent clairvoyant readings outside her house.

The tarot has been an important navigational tool for her during times of change and decision-making, eventually guiding her to Los Angeles. Harriet practices the Jodorowsky method of tarot, infusing her readings with a psychological approach. With an acute understanding of the deck’s cyclical patterns as a reflection of our world, as well as a representation of the divine, she uses cards’ symbolism and imagery to create a mirror image of the human psyche, offering catharsis, healing, and amazing self-realizations.

While a mastery of the tarot’s optical language serves as a foundation, it is the purity of Harriet’s intuition that leads her readings. She uses the cards in unity with clairvoyant impressions, yielding an immensely healing, eye-opening experience for her clients. With a vast knowledge of the magical arts, Harriet remains a perpetual student in the Western Mystery Traditions, including Qabalah and Alchemy.

To attune to her sessions, Harriet performs ritual magic to raise her vibration and create clear sacred space for her sessions. A natural empath, Harriet’s intelligence and compassion breeds a warm and loving environment for her clients as she makes direct contact with their guardian angels and guides. Her startlingly accurate readings deliver guidance leaving the client feeling confident, uplifted, and inspired.

Finding Zero

In this class Harriet Wien takes us to the place of nothingness. To create magic, you need to start from a place void. Includes instructions and a guided meditation.